The Official Bryan Beller Bassist Discography

Year Title Artist
2019 Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Bear McCreary
2019 You Know What…? The Aristocrats
2018 Reality Is My Play Thing Phi Yaan-Zek
2017 Galaktikon II: Become The Storm Brendon Small
2017 Ontology Technopath
2016 The Star You Are Prog Rock Orchestra
2016 Scambot 2 Mike Keneally
2016 Remarkably Human Nick Johnston
2016 Supernova Remix Joe Satriani
2015 Culture Clash Live The Aristocrats
2015 Secret Show: Live In Osaka The Aristocrats
2015 Tres Caballeros The Aristocrats
2015 Shockwave Supernova Joe Satriani
2015 On Jane Getter
2015 The Quest For The 100th Monkey Paperclip Scientists
2014 Reincarnation Brian Maillard
2014 Under Grand Suggestion Dane Runyon
2014 A Matter Of Perception Nili Brosh
2014 Atomic Mind Nick Johnston
2013 Wing Beat Elastic Mike Keneally
2013 The Adventures Of Dr. Mumbai Dr. Mumbai
2013 Culture Clash The Aristocrats
2013 You Must Be This Tall Mike Keneally
2013 Hemmed by Light, Shaped By Darkness Ephel Duath
2013 Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem Dethklok
2012 Mastering Tone And Versatility (Instr. DVD) Bryan Beller
2012 Brendon Small’s Galaktikon Brendon Small
2012 Wing Beat Fantastic Mike Keneally
2012 Deeper With The Anima Phi-Yaan Zek
2012 Dethalbum III Dethklok
2012 Broken Jason Sadites
2012 BOING, We’ll Do It Live! The Aristocrats At Alvas Showroom The Aristocrats
2011 Microscopic Razl
2011 Wednesday Night Live (CD/DVD) Bryan Beller
2011 Nothing Clever Colin Keenan
2011 The Essential Steve Vai Steve Vai
2011 bakin’ @ the potato! Mike Keneally
2011 The Aristocrats The Aristocrats
2011 Live At The White House Kira Small & Bryan Beller
2011 Sunny Taylor [EP] Sunny Taylor
2010 NPS Maakt Jazz, Volume 7 Various Artists(Bryan Beller, others)
2010 Chains Of Sin Timesword
2010 Wicked: Music From The WesFest Community Various Artists (Bryan Beller, others)
2010 Where The Other Wild Things Are Steve Vai
2010 On Revolute Dave Weiner
2010 Spiral Vendetta Godsticks
2010 Tripple Ripple Anders Helmerson
2009 In Small Things Andra Moran
2009 H-Town Triangle Exception
2009 So Far Gone Colin Keenan
2009 Where The Wild Things Are (CD/DVD) Steve Vai
2009 Dethalbum II Dethklok
2009 Scambot 1 Mike Keneally
2008 Loss 4 Words Gary Schutt
2008 Rotonova Razl
2008 Reflections – An Act Of Glass Chris G.
2008 Prime Cuts James LaBrie
2008 Wine and Pickles Mike Keneally
2008 Nothing Clever Colin Keenan
2008 Are We Famous Yet? Mother Eff
2008 Thanks In Advance Bryan Beller
2008 To Nothing (DVD) Bryan Beller
2007 Boil That Dust Speck (Reissue – CD/DVD) Mike Keneally
2007 E2 Eros Ramazzotti
2007 Sound Theories, Vols. 1-2 Steve Vai
2007 Visual Sound Theories (DVD) Steve Vai
2007 WesFest 2 (DVD) Various Artists (Bryan Beller, others)
2007 The Marco Show (DVD) Marco Minnemann
2007 Onward And Downward Touched (Colin Keenan)
2006 Guitar Therapy Live (CD/DVD) Mike Keneally Band
2006 Here Comes Memory Tom Langford
2006 After The Storm Various Artists (Mike Keneally)
2006 Half-Pint Demigod Yogi
2006 WesFest (DVD) Various Artists (Bryan Beller, others)
2005 Elements of Persuasion James LaBrie
2005 Real Illusions: Reflections Steve Vai
2004 Dog/Dog Special Edition (CD/DVD) Mike Keneally Band
2004 XL Bass Lines: A D’addario Music Sampler Various Artists (Bryan Beller)
2003 A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd Various Artists (Mike Keneally)
2003 The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology Steve Vai
2003 Salve Yogi
2003 View Bryan Beller
2003 Pup Mike Keneally Band
2002 Wooden Smoke/Wooden Smoke Asleep Mike Keneally
2002 The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1 Steve Vai
2001 Any Raw Flesh? Yogi
2001 Bikini Space Surfers
2001 Mullmuzzler 2 James LaBrie
2001 Out From Under Janet Robin
2001 Karma NDV (Nick D’Virgilio)
2000 Automatic Dweezil Zappa
2000 Dancing/Dancing With Myself (CD/DVD) Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins
2000 The 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies Steve Vai
1999 Keep It To Yourself Mullmuzzler (James LaBrie)
1999 Six Pack: Multi-Artist Radio Sampler Various Artists (Mullmuzzler)
1999 Tribute To The Titans Various Artists (Stanley Snail)
1999 The Ultra Zone Steve Vai
1999 Theory Of Forms Neil Sadler
1998 Sluggo! Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins
1998 The SWR Sound Various Artists (Mike Keneally)
1998 Open The Door Janet Robin
1997 Half Alive In Hollywood Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins
1997 Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas Various Artists (Steve Vai)
1996 Music For Pets (U.S. Version) Z (Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa)
1996 Soap Scum Remover (VHS) Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins
1995 Boil That Dust Speck Mike Keneally
1995 Tales From Yesterday: Yes Tribute Various Artists (Stanley Snail: Kevin Gilbert, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, Nick D’Virgilio)
1995 Music For Pets (French Version) Z (Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa)
1994 Shampoohorn Z (Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa)

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5 days ago

Bryan Beller

LAST CALL FOR ARISTOCAMP! Guthrie, Marco and I will be in Big Indian, NY at Full Moon Resort next week along with MICHAEL MANRING, Francis Dunnery and Chad Wackerman for the first ever ARISTOCAMP. It will be a very fun and loose hang and everyone will get the kind of individual attention that only a camp environment can provide! Maybe you're that last-minute kind of person. If so, this is your time to shine. 😉

Guthrie Govan (Official) Marco Minnemann The Aristocrats
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6 days ago

Bryan Beller

RIG CHECK DAY: One of my favorite days of the year. Set up for the Enormodome and test *everything*. Loud. This is for the upcoming The Aristocrats "You Know What...?" North America tour. You know about that, right? Right?

First of all, Gallien-Krueger rocks. The Fusion preamp/RB power amp formula is tried and true, and those lighter CX cabs are slamming! #GKallday.

Second of all, it's gonna be all Mike Lull Custom Guitars & Guitarworks basses on this tour. The stars will be the new BBMF5 (Bryan Beller Modern Focus, or any MF you like, really); and, thankfully, the 1998 Lull Modern 5 that sounds like my old MIA red bass, or even better, and is slaying all over the new Aristocrats album. I've taken to calling it "The Poughkeepsie Bass" because that's where it lived for 20 years before it found its way to me. Cranking that thing up sounds...just beautiful.

And of course, the D'Addario UK Pro Steels make everything sound brilliant and true.

Also, let's not forget about that Jim Dunlop Guitar Products Bass Wah. What would "Sweaty Knockers" be without that? 😉 Also thanks to Darkglass Electronics (the Vintage Microtubes, though I'm also digging that Alpha Omega!) and Xotic Guitars & Effects (Bass BB Preamp with totally coincidental initials FTW). Oh, and Boss Effects Pedals for making the OC-2 Octave (shout out to Tim Lefebvre/Juan Alderete/Janek Gwizdala and the rest of the OC-2 cult out there) and also for making the CE-2B Bass Chorus back when Members Only jackets were a thing. The first time.


The Aristocamp, Big Indian, NY, June 18-21
Alvas Showroom, San Pedro, CA, June 28 (sold out)
Alvas Showroom, San Pedro, CA, June 29 (sold out)
Harlow's, Sacramento, CA, July 1
Slim's, San Francisco, CA, July 2
The Dip, Redding, CA, July 3
Star Theater, Portland, OR, July 5
The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, July 6
Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC, July 7
The Reef, Boise, ID, July 9
Metro Music Hall, SLC, UT, July 10
Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO, July 12
Marquis Theater, Denver, CO, July 13
RecordBar, Kansas City, MS, July 15
Slowdown, Omaha, NE, July 16
Amsterdam Bar and Hall, St Paul, MN, July 18
Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, July 19
Reggie's Live, Chicago, IL, July 20
HiFi Indy, Indianapolis, IN, July 21
Token Lounge, Detroit, MI, July 22
Rumba Café, Columbus, OH, July 24
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, July 25
The Tralf, Buffalo, NY, July 26
Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON, July 27
Brass Monkey, Ottawa, ON, July 28
Café Campus, Montreal, QC, July 29
Le D’Auteuil, Quebec City, QC, July 31
Middle East, Cambridge, MA, August 2
Gramercy Theatre, New York City, NY, August 3
Daryl's House, Pawling, NY, August 4
Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, August 5
Union Stage, Washington DC, August 6
The Pour House, Raleigh, NC, August 7
Isis Music Hall, Asheville, NC, August 9
City Winery, Nashville, NC, August 10
Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA, August 11
SoundBar, Orlando, FL, August 14
The Funky Biscuit, Boca Raton, FL, August 15
Brass Mug, Tampa, FL, August 16
Nighthawks, Jacksonville, FL, August 17
Southport Hall, Jefferson, LA, August 19
Scout Bar, Houston, TX, August 21
Sam’s Burger Joint, San Antonio, TX, August 22
The Dirty Dog, Austin, TX, August 23
Guitar Sanctuary, McKinney, TX, August 24
Rockhouse, El Paso, TX, August 26
Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM, August 27
Club Red, Mesa, AZ, August 29
Bol Bol, Mexicali, August 30
Ramona Mainstage, Ramona, CA, August 31
1720, Los Angeles, CA (WITH John 5!), September 1

Guthrie Govan (Official) Marco Minnemann
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1 week ago

Bryan Beller

WELL LOOKEE HERE: Want to see a preview of the bonus DVD that comes with the Deluxe Edition of the new Aristocrats album "You Know What...?" Of course you do. Filmed and edited by Jon Luini & Arthur Rosato at Brotheryn Studios in Ojai, CA, the full 35-min documentary is ONLY available as part of the Deluxe CD edition. Deluxe also means exclusive interviews, live studio footage, and a bigger 12-page booklet with super fun illustrations by Hajo Muller (the artist that created our weird and wonderful album cover).

“You Know What…?” is available to pre-order now in both Deluxe and Standard CD format. If you pre-order from our US or UK/EUR webstores (via our website) you’ll also get sent your free digital download on the release date, June 28th.
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2 weeks ago

Bryan Beller

THAT'S A WRAP: Thanks to the fine folks you see here, we finished shooting the video for one of the songs from my upcoming progressive concept double album "Scenes From The Flood". We shot on location in truck stops, remote mountainous terrains, diners, county parks, bridges on country roads, hotel rooms (green screen!), and anywhere else we could pull it off without a permit (just try and catch me, coppers!). And there's a very special guest on the song itself...who I look forward to revealing this summer when the video drops. 😉

From left to right: Shinya Suzuki (drone operation), Jon Luini (video/editing/co-direction), BB, Alli Patton (production assistant), Arthur Rosato (photography/editing/co-direction).
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2 weeks ago

Bryan Beller

WHAT'S UP LOS ANGELES?! Sorry to get all Zack de la Rocha there for a sec but some big news: The Aristocrats and John 5 are teaming up for a one-night-only co-bill on September 1 at 1720 to end the North America tour! I know a lot of people were wondering what was up with having only two small venue shows in LA (both of which are now sold out) you know why this announcement came last. 😉

Link to tickets in the comments. And some quotes below.

"We always say that anything can happen onstage at an Aristocrats show - and that goes double for a John 5/Aristocrats double bill! We're psyched because The Aristocrats and John 5 are obviously coming at the instrumental rock thing from just completely different angles, and neither one of us is playing it straight down the middle. Should be a fun night for anyone in L.A. who likes their music loud and bent."

“JOHN 5 and The Aristocrats – It doesn’t get much better than that,” John 5 says. “It’s one show only and you’re not going to want to miss it. It’s going to be a very exciting night, and definitely one to remember.”

Let's wrap this tour up in style. 😉
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RIG CHECK DAY: One of my fave days of the year. @GallienKrueger #GKallDay, @MikeLullCG basses (including my new/old 1998 M5) and @DaddarioandCo ProSteels on everything. Also thanks to @jimdunlopusa (bass wah), @Darkglassgear (vintage microtubes), and @Xoticusa (Bass BB Preamp)!

LOOKEE HERE: It's a preview of the Bonus DVD from the new @acratsband album “You Know What…?”. Pre-orders available now (Deluxe + Standard CD). Order from our webstore & you’ll also get sent a free digital download on the release date, June 28th!

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