VIEW (2003)


Long known as a uniquely talented yet tasteful hired gun bassist for the more adventurous rock guitarists of recent times (Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Wayne Kramer), Bryan Beller ventures out on his own with his debut solo album, View

Those familiar with his main body of work – nine years, five albums and countless tours with former Frank Zappa guitarist Mike Keneally – are well aware of his ability to navigate the complex, sometimes impossibly dense forms and styles present in Keneally’s work…all with the polish, simplicity and accessibility one might expect from a pop bassline. Both a repeat feature subject and three-year columnist for Bass Player Magazine, Beller has long drawn the attention of music fans with a discriminating taste for high-caliber playing. 

But far from aspiring to bass heroism, Beller instead builds a carefully crafted emotional tapestry of interweaving themes and styles – a true album in the old-fashioned sense. Drawing on influences as disparate as John Scofield and Rage Against The Machine, Michael Landau and Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and his mentor, Mike Keneally, the resulting body of work runs the gamut from hardcore jazz/rock to vocal pop to world beat while somehow staying thematically intact, all the while displaying equal parts density and sensitivity, melody and dissonance, tranquility and furious release. 

Musicians include guitarists Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam (Ben Taylor Band), Griff Peters and Yogi; drummers Toss Panos (Toy Matinee, Steve Vai) and Joe Travers (Dweezil Zappa, Lisa Loeb). 

“Just when you thought Beller couldn’t possibly be good at another thing, he releases a solo album so good it makes you wonder why he bothered doing anything else…View shows how terrific Beller is as a bassist, but it also establishes his real musical talent as a writer. It’s a thrill to witness an artist like Beller find his voice with such a self-assured debut.” – Bill Leigh, Bass Player Magazine 

“Seven Percent Grade shows that charging fingerstyle fusion is as comfortable for [Beller] as a fine rock riff…and both “Bite” and “See You Next Tuesday” show he can rock with the best….Inventive solo pieces such as “Elate” & “No” show that Beller isn’t going to fall into any clichés either. Inventive and creative, View end[s] up as a complete and compelling album, which I’m still enjoying right now.” – Adrian Ashton, Bass Guitar Magazine (U.K.) 

“Bryan is one of those bass players who just knows how to put the right note in the right place at the right time…monster playing and good vibes.” – Michael Manring (solo artist, Attention Deficit) 

“A unique blend of solid old school playing with modern sensibility and lots of edge.” – Andy West (Dixie Dregs) 

“Every expectation you may have about this album is going to be blown clear out of the water when you hear it. It’s really, really good, unique and intricate and ballsy and beautifully performed.” – Mike Keneally 

released October 28, 2003 

all music and lyrics written by Bryan Beller 
© 2003 Panorama Ataraxia Music BMI 

music by John Patitucci 
© 1990 Universal MCA Music 

music by Wes Wehmiller 
lyrics by Colin Keenan 
© 1995 Maximum Music BMI 

produced by Bryan Beller 
recorded and mixed by Nick D’Virgilio 
additional engineering and key Pro Tools engineering by Ed Monsef 

tracked and mixed at 
Lawnmower Studio and Garden Supplies 
Pasadena, CA, April-June 2003 
key editing performed at 
Ear Kandy Studio, Toluca Lake, CA 
mastered by Jay Frigoletto at 
Mastersuite, Hollywood, CA 

art design and title concept by Katy Towell 

road photography by Wes Wehmiller 
cityscape photo in cover window by Stanley Leary 
© Georgia Tech Research Corporation/Georgia Institute of Technology
sound effects – Creative Sound Design/The 
documentation and cartage – Wayne Perez 
charts – Chris Opperman 
movie dialogue excerpts from “in the company of men” © 1998 Columbia/Tristar Studios 
additional sound effects – Wayne Perez and Ed Monsef of Team Burl Core, LLC (Respect Division) 

thanks and love to everyone who helped make this a reality and to all who provided support along the way 

(c) 2003 Onion Boy Records, All Rights Reserved

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1 day ago

Bryan Beller

NOSTRA-DUMB-ASS: Craig Garber of the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast was kind enough to have me back to talk specifically about “Scenes From The Flood”, with the benefit of nine months of hindsight. Topics include lots of guitar talk, OCD, human nature, and…the strange feeling of having written an album about how human beings react, personally and collectively, to a cataclysmic event, and how that trauma can strip away the illusions we have about ourselves, and the world around us, and where to stand after we’ve let all that go. (Dear Universe, if you’re listening, my next album is going to be about peace on earth and the end of all human suffering. Yes, Universe, it’s a change in artistic direction…what do you mean the A & R guys don’t buy it? Who’s running this label?!) ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

Bryan Beller

MUSICIAN SEEKING GEAR (MSG?): Anyone out there got a pair of KRK V6 Series 2 Monitors (very specific on the model) they might want to unload? Or even just one? I'm looking! CONUS is best. Hit me if you're interested.

(Don't mind the smashed tweeter in this pic - I found the example pic on the interwebz.)
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1 week ago

Bryan Beller

JOE TRAVERS' DW PLAYLIST PARTY: Wanna know what the guy who got me my big break into the music biz listens to? JT isn't just a drummer, he's practically a rock music historian. Live tomorrow at 10:00AM U.S. Pacific Time! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Bryan Beller

CALLING ANY DENVER RIDERS: Strange post, but strange times, so...are there any motorcycle riders in Denver willing to check out a bike for sale in the area for me? One that looks very much like this? If so, message me and we can figure out details and the make-good! 🏍🏍🏍🏍 ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Bryan Beller

GENE HOGLAN’S BRUTAL SURPRISE: The breaking news is that I’ve been mentally formulating an unusual full-arrangement play-thru/concept video for “A Quickening” and “Steiner In Ellipses” from “Scenes From The Flood”. Then, out of nowhere, Gene Hoglan calls me and says “Hey man, I did a drum play-thru video for “Steiner In Ellipses”! What were the odds?

So, check out the one and only Gene Hoglan playing “Steiner In Ellipses” as a drum feature play-thru. And in a couple of months or so, I’ll hope to share with you this Big Video idea I have for both songs back to back, with the full band (and some other weird ideas) in mind.

Thanks so much to Gene for doing this!

Gene Hoglan ''Official Page''
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NOSTRA-DUMB-ASS: I'm back on Craig Garber/Everyone Loves Guitar for a “Scenes From The Flood” chat, w/benefit of 9 mos. hindsight. Gtr talk, OCD, human nature, & SFTF's accidentally prescient dystopian story. Disillusionment? We call that "Tuesday" now...

FUCK YOU, Complicit Fascist Barbie. Me and my fellow musicians love our jobs and if your father wasn't such a colossal fuck up we'd be getting back out there and doing them, instead of being locked out of the rest of the world and shut down at home. Also, did I mention, fuck you?

Ivanka Trump@IvankaTrump

More than ever our #PledgetoAmericasWorkers is focused on helping Americans 🇺🇸 bolster skills to find new jobs + navigate career transitions.

Today we are launching the #FindSomethingNew ad campaign!

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